Life long story, short...

My creations put a smile on my face and bring a bit of childhood playful fun to my life and I love nothing more than to share that with you and hope it is contagious.

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me. I am a single mom of two, one in college, one in high school and two fury babies. I live in Orange County; California and my Livingroom is my craftroom.

Although I studied business in college, life always pulled me towards my creative side. I started my first business making gift baskets before internet and Costco took over the industry. After I had my son, I really wanted to stay home with him but I couldn’t sit still, so I started an errand concierge service in Irvine, California and that led me to planning birthday parties and other events which of course, naturally (sarcasm), I ended up owning and operating my own restaurant and school lunch business for many years. Of course, life never goes as we like it or planned and it has taken me a few years of self-reflection and healing to get to where I am today. In December of 2018, after many years of putting my creativity aside, I walked back in the local craft store and picked up a crochet needle and opened myself up to my first love, imagine & create; and something lit up in me again.

Learning and creating is my passion. Everything is handmade especially for you by me with a little bit of help from my kids. I believe in exceptional customer service and I am a perfectionist to a fault, not to mention a sucker for packaging. So, nothing leaves my homebased shop less than the best quality and always with a special touch to make your heart smile.

What’s with the store name, NicNac Alley?
Whenever someone asks me "how do you pronounce your last name " Niknafs" without a doubt I know the nursery rhyme comes to mind; "Knick knack patty whack, give a dog a bone..." - you know you thought of it too! According to my teenage daughter, everything has to be aesthetically pleasing online, so we decided to knock out all the K's and go for NicNac. Only one place popped in my head when I thought of where a bunch of Knick Knacks are sold...Diagon Alley, of course! I'm a big fan of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Disney and all things movies that stirs up the imagination and emotions, so it was only natural to name my shop NicNac Alley.

Thank you again and welcome to my shop!

Niki Niknafs
(Knick Knack Patty Whack)

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